James Sheedy Personal Defence Studio

▪︎ Bring A Friend Day, SATURDAY the 18th February 2pm
▪︎ Looking for a great Gym to join in 2023
▪︎ Check out what we did last year – it’s worth your 3 minutes! Sound on!
▪︎ Do you want to try something different, challenge yourself, learn new skills, get really fit, flexible, and learn to defend yourself
▪︎ We have some of the best martial artists in Australia and Internationally that visit our gym to teach our members
▪︎ Make new friends for life
▪︎ Never to late to start. Our biggest age group is over 40
▪︎ Our Super-Kids programs features some of the best in Australia
▪︎ Train and learn in an environment where everyone is treated with respect and encouraged
▪︎ A large percentage of our members are women
▪︎ Two free trial sessions are available.
▪︎ Join us SATURDAY the 18th February 2pm